Mentorship Program

Fostering growth and development through professional economic development connections 

The EDPA Mentorship Program matches experienced member practitioners with those looking to grow. Through the facilitation of professional development, leadership opportunities, and community connection, EDPA members share knowledge and improve economic statuses across the state of South Dakota.

Our Mentorship Program members meet four times a year:
1. Mentors and mentees will meet for the first time in the spring and again at the EDPA Annual Conference in the fall  
2. Mentor groups are responsible for coordinating at least two additional meets per year, in person or virtually

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the benefit of being a mentor?
A: Being a mentor offers a great opportunity to help others, but also benefits the mentor in several ways! A few reasons to consider being a mentor include: 

  • Demonstrate your leadership  skills
  • Improve your communication and personal skills
  • Expand your professional network 
  • Become exposed to different thoughts and opinions 
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment

Q: Do I need to be an EDPA member to participate as a mentor or mentee?
A: Yes. This program is only for EDPA members. 

Q: How many years of experience do I need to serve as a mentor?
A: We require all mentors to have at least 3 years of experience in economic development.

Q: What is the time commitment for this program?
A: This is a 12 month mentorship program that requires at least 4 meetings (in person, virtually, or over the phone) with your mentor/mentee. Mentors should be available for phone calls throughout the year as well and plan to attend at least one board meeting of their mentee. 

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Signing up for EDPA's mentorship program is easy! Simply fill out and submit the appropriate form above by January 15. We will review all applications and pair mentors and mentees. You will receive your pairing in March to have your first meeting in April, set up by EDPA.